je t'aimerai pour toujours

et aujourd'hui

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Anna Fisher
I was crying tears of joy, so excited to tell you. Then I decided not to because it was only a dream.

december 2015
you knw
Still a part of me is afraid to say it. To even think it hurts. But why should I be so afraid? What is there to lose? I've got this nagging feeling like I've done wicked and evil things in the past. A large part of me believes that if I fail at this, there will be no redemption for me. And still I daydream of those years where I wasn't there, how I kind of wish I could been there. Been around sooner, known you, and then who knows what would have happened. It's really all just fantasy; I know these aren't positive thoughts. There's so much I want to know about you, but it's like I can read your story when I look into your eyes. I don't want anything sappy, but I just want to let you know.


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